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H  O  M  E  S  T  A  Y  S    a n d    H O U S I N G




Jenny (Korea) with host mother Dawn


Yazeed (Saudi Arabia) with host family Eliza, Peter, and Zaya


Many students at Spring International prefer to stay with American families so that they can practice their English and learn more about American culture. Each school's Housing Coordinator maintains a file of host families in the area who are interested in hosting international students. Homestay placements are made about one month before the students' arrival. Placements are completed once we verify that the student has received the visa and intends to start classes as scheduled.

Living with an American family gives you the chance to practice English every day and the chance to learn about American culture directly. Host families are interested in the students' own cultures and want to help you enjoy your stay in America.  For this reason, we place individual students in a home.  Students who are coming with family members will need to arrange their own housing or request separate homestays.

In the homestay, students have their own room with a place to study.  In addition, they have use of the family laundry and other facilities.  Host families provide breakast and dinner.  Students buy their own lunch.  Thre are options on places to eat near each center.

Please see more information below for each Colorado center.

Littleton:  Most families are located within an easy bus ride to the school.

Denver:  For this center, located in the heart of downtown Denver, families live in the residential neighborhoods of Denver or its suburbs.  Transportation into the city center is typically by bus and/or light rail trains.  Students should expect a commute of 30-50 minutes.


Do you want to live with an American family in Colorado?  After you complete your application for Spring (on the APPLY page), you can complete a Homestay Application - either online or by mail, fax, or email.

ONLINE Homestay Application:

PRINTED Homestay Application (PDF):

For cost information, please go to the
COSTS page. 

HOUSING COORDINATOR - Littleton:  Missy Hull


HOUSING INFO - ARKANSAS:  Please click on the "Housing Info" link on the Arkansas Spring home page.

IMPORTANT:  You need to apply for a homestay at least one month before your term starts.


A  P  A  R  T  M  E  N  T  S


Some students live in apartments located near the school. The Housing Coordinator may be able to provide some information to help you find an appropriate apartment in the area, but locating an apartment that meets an individual's needs and signing the lease is the student's responsibility.

Students should begin to search for an apartment before they arrive.  If you plan to find an apartment, you should expect to spend about a week or more in a hotel while you look.  Please plan to arrive at least a week prior to the start of the term in order to have the time needed to locate an apartment, rent furniture, and set up your utilities.


D  O  R  M  I  T  O  R  I  E  S


Click on a picture below to visit the site.


The Regency

Auraria Student Lofts


Dormitories are available at our Denver center (above) and at the University of Arkansas center in Fayetteville.

Note:  The student housing options in Denver are limited and require either a 10- or 12-month lease depending on the facility.  Typically the student lease is from August to August and leases become available in December of the prior year.  Students hoping to live in a dormitory near the Denver center will need to plan far ahead and should plan to begin their studies with us in a Fall I term.  Students are responsible for setting up their own dormitory arrangements and should contact the student housing office directly.  Click on the pictures above to visit each  website (it will open in a new window or tab).


For Arkansas housing, click on the "Housing Info" link on the Arkansas Spring home page.



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