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      Where is Spring International located?  

Spring has three schools - two in Colorado in the Denver area, and one in Arkansas.

Please visit our LOCATIONS page for more information.

      What do you teach at Spring?  
English is the only language we teach at Spring.  Our program focuses on teaching academic English for university-bound students, but we also teach Business English and other custom programs.

The Intensive English Program is offered in 9-week sessions throughout the year. Students learn Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening / Speaking and Research Writing 23 hours per week. In addition to their core curriculum, students have a choice to study an additional topic pertinent to their interests such as: Conversation, Idioms, TOEFL Preparation, Business English, Pronunciation and others.

Please visit our PROGRAMS page for more information.

      What are classes like?  

Classroom sizes average 12 students per class with a maximum of 16 students. Every effort is made to keep classes at an ideal size for effective English language instruction.  Men and women learn in the same classroom.  Instructors teach in many ways: lecture, discussion, small group and pair-work. Usually there is a trip outside of class once each term to visit local American schools, nursing homes or other places where students can practice using English.

      Is Spring accredited?  
Yes.  Spring is fully accredited by CEA (the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation).

Spring is also a proud member of AAIEP (The American Association of Intensive English Programs), which promotes professional standards and high-quality English programs.

      What is the difference between the 5-week half term and the 9-week program?  

Our terms are 9 weeks in length.  For a person who can only come for a limited short term of study, we offer them a 5-week option.  A student can enter at the start of a 9-week term and study the first 5 weeks, or they can enter at the midterm point (the start of week 5) and complete the last 5 weeks of the term.  The 5-week option is limited to new students.  If a student enters at half-term point and wishes to continue, he or she must enroll for the next full 9-week term.

      I want to go to a university in the USA.  Can Spring help me?  

Yes!  Conditional Admission to our partner colleges and universities is available for students who complete the ESL program with a B (or higher) average.  Our university advisors will help students with choosing a school, online university applications, mailing paperwork, and communicating directly with the university.

      How can I apply to study English at Spring?  

Please visit our APPLY page for more information.

You can also download our APPLICATION CHECKLIST (PDF) to help you through the process.

      Can I transfer immediately from another English school to Spring?  

No, you cannot.  Spring Internationlal follows ethical practices and requires students who enter the U.S. on an I-20 from another school to attend that school prior to transfering.

      Can I apply online?  
Yes, you can APPLY online to our Colorado schools.  If you want to apply to our Arkansas school, please visit the ARKANSAS SPRING WEBSITE and click on "Application Forms".
      How long does it take to get accepted?  

The acceptance process is quick - only a few days - if the student has provided Spring International with all of the required documents.

      What kind of visa do I need?  

Full time students apply for an F-1 visa at a U.S. EMBASSY using their I-20 document.

      Can you help me to get my visa?  
Students obtain the F-1 student visa in their home country at a U.S. embassy or consulate office.  While Spring International staff cannot be overseas to help, students may ask questions before their visa appointment.
      What is an I-20 form and how do I get it?  

The I-20 form is an important identification document that will help you obtain your student visa to study full time in the U.S. When you are accepted into Spring International, you will receive an I-20 form in the mail with your letter of acceptance.

      Can I get a letter of conditional admission when I apply?  

Undergraduate students who want to have a letter of conditional admission to one of our partner colleges or universities at the same time they receive their I-20 from Spring International will need to work with the Spring office staff to request the letter.  You will need to send a copy of your high school transcripts (some schools will accept a copy for the conditional letter), and allow time for the letter to be issued.  Students who need a letter of conditional admission should allow 3-4 weeks processing time because they will need to complete the application process to the partner school.  We will help you with the process at the time you apply to our program.

      I want to transfer to Spring from another English school in the U.S.  What should I do?  
You should attend the school listed on your I-20 for at least one term.  While you are attending, apply to Spring International online.  Once accepted and once you complete the transfer form, your I-20 will be transferred to Spring International.  At that time you will be issued a new I-20.   
      What is the schedule?  

Students attend class from 9am until 3pm Monday – Thursday and 9am – 12noon on Fridays.  There is a one-hour lunch break each day and 10 minute breaks between classes.  Students take the following classes:  Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, and a ‘module’ class.  Classes are 50 instructional minutes.

      How long is each term?  

Each term is nine weeks.  There are five 9-week terms per year.

      How long does it take to graduate?  

Starting at level 1, it takes students 14 months to graduate.  The average time that our students take to graduate from Spring is seven months. 

      How many levels are there at Spring?  
Spring has levels 1 to 6, from beginner to advanced, plus a pre-1 Basic level when needed.  Graduates with a “B” grade average are considered ready to attend a U.S. college or university. 
      Do you have dormitories?  
Yes.  Our Arkansas center has on-campus housing for students.  For our Denver students, there are dormitories available to Spring students, but availability is very limited.  See the HOUSING page for the list of Colorado dormitories and contact the dorm directly if you are accepted at Spring.

Please visit our HOUSING page for more information.

      Can I live with an American family?  

Yes.  Living with native-English speakers is a great way to learn English quickly.  Complete a host family application and we will find the family that is best for each student.  Placements are limited to individual students; we do not place couples or multiple family members in one home.

Please visit our HOUSING page for more information and links to Homestay application forms.
      Can you help me find an apartment?  

While Spring's staff will not help you find an apartment, we can provide resources and a list of apartment complexes where Spring students have lived in the past.

      Where are your students from?  
In 2016, the majority of our students are from the Middle East.  In the past few years, we've had students from Saudi Arabia, Libya, South Korea, Taiwan, Colombia, Japan, Germany, Argentina, China, Peru, Qatar, Indonesia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Chile, Mauritania, Iraq, U.A.E., Thailand, Vietnam, Switzerland, Spain, Kyrgyzstan, Guatemala, Italy, Turkey, Kuwait, Mexico, Iran, Congo, Israel, Venezuela, Angola, Ecuador, and other countries too.
      What credentials do your teachers have?  
Spring International instructors are trained, highly qualified professionals holding a master’s degrees in English as a Second Language, Applied Linguistics, English, or other appropriate fields, or a combination of degree plus TESL Certificate from an approved TESL certificate program (e.g., CELTA, DELTA, SIT-TESL, etc.).

Several of our instructors have published academic English textbooks, and most have lived and taught overseas. All full-time instructors have extensive training and experience teaching English to students from around the world. The personal and academic qualities of the instructors make each uniquely qualified to offer meaningful language-learning opportunities and to care deeply about meeting their students’ needs.

      Can I bring my family with me to the U.S.?  

Yes.  If you are married and/or have children, students can be given dependent I-20s in order to bring their family members with them to the United States. 

      How can I meet Americans when I come to Spring?  

There are many opportunities to meet native-English speakers at Spring International.  Students can live with an American host family, participate in social activities, and speak with American conversation partners who are integrated into classes such as listening/speaking and the conversation elective.  Special lunchtime or after-school conversation opportunities with native speakers are also provided at each center. 

      Are there social activities for students?  

Yes, there are many student activities.  Some are free, while others require a small fee. Recent activities have included things like river rafting, bowling, picnics, museum visits, theater, professional sports games, shopping trips, hiking, skiing and snowboarding, ballet, playing soccer, movies, and many more.

      I'm accepted to Spring.  What do I need to do to get ready?  

You will receive a packet from Spring in the mail with lots of information to help you get ready for living and studying in the U.S.

Please visit our GETTING READY page for more information.

      What should I bring?  

Bring a positive attitude!  Language learning is a challenge.  Students who learn a new language quickly are willing to make mistakes and try again.  Prepare to study at least two hours each night while attending Spring International. 

You should also bring clothing for all four seasons.  (You can buy winter clothes here.)  Of course, don’t forget to bring all of your legal documents, identification and bank cards.  It's also fun to bring clothing and souvenirs from your country, so you can show them to students from other cultures an d display them at our international events.

      How do I contact Spring?  

Please visit our CONTACT US page for more information.

      Who do I contact for admissions questions and for visa and I-20 questions?  

Please visit our APPLY page for the names and email addresses you need.

      Who do I contact about housing and host family questions?  

Please visit our HOUSING page for the names and email addresses you need.

      Who do I contact to arrange a special program?  
We would be happy to arrange a special program for an individual or for a school, company, or government group.  Please contact the Director of the school you would like to attend.  See our CONTACT US page for their names and email addresses. 


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